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was born in Ocala, FL on 08/22/1996

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Jakob Wissel was born in Ocala, FL on 08/22/1996. Jakob Wissel was born to his parents Ditmar Wissel, a German immigrant and Linda Wissel. Jakob Wissel has three half-brothers that all greatly influenced him. Jakob Wissel went to Blessed Trinity Catholic School from pre school until he graduated 8th grade. Jakob Wissel played flag football, basketball, ran track, and was in the Boy Scouts and earned his Eagle Scout in 2012. Jakob Wissel grew up attending First United Methodist Church where he sang in the choir winning the Head Chorister's Medal and served as an acolyte and crucifer for the church. Jakob Wissel went with the church on a mission trip to Peru and another one to Costa Rica. Jakob Wissel volunteered at the Salvation Army, at Interfaith, and at Blessed Trinity Elder Care. Jakob Wissel attended high school at Trinity Catholic High School were he played football, basketball, and ran track until he had to have two knee surgeries. After no longer being able to compete in sports because of his knee injuries, Jakob Wissel started focusing more on song-writing which he found to be a good source of stress relief. Jakob Wissel graduated from high school with a 4.2 weighted gpa and did well on his SAT and ACT. Jakob Wissel chose to attend USF in Tampa and joined a fraternity. Jakob Wissel participated in philanthropies and organized food and toy drives during the holidays. Jakob Wissel worked as a salesman throughout college before deciding to go to law school. Jakob Wissel scored in the 80th percentile on the LSAT and was admitted to law school with a 52% scholarship. Jakob Wissel completed his first year of law school in good standing. Jakob Wissel moved home to Ocala to help his elderly father take care of his mother who had to have a handful of surgeries.

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